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Industry Expertise

Working with our customers we help clients realise the value of converting front end effort including conceptual phases into valued well defined executed reality.


tap Project Managed and delivering multi-disciplinary projects based at Stanwell Power Station (SPS) near Rockhampton. Projects successfully completed include the Chiller Remedial Works Project, the Coal Stockpile Runoff Project, along with challenging hazardous area projects including the Hydrogen Skid Upgrade Project. Several large projects including the Coal Mills, and Boiler Lift Projects were successfully managed through front end loading phases to business case signoff. Project success hinged on tap’s absolute determination for success, ability to work with people, and the ability to influence outcomes.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Managing project scope from concept development phase.
  • Managing and leading a team of engineers & designers through life of project.
  • Managing project risk through the (PRA) Project Risk Assessment process.
  • Managing the tendering process including assembly of tender documents, tender clarifications, through to tender assessment and contract award.
  • Finalizing project cost in Stanwell Corporation business case format.
  • Financial Management of project costs including monthly forecasting, monitoring & monthly reporting relating to construction progress.
  • Contractor Management – Manage safety, relationships, schedule, cost & deliverables to ensure successful project completion.


tap’s experience in Water Infrastructure stretches from managing and leading teams of engineers & technical staff in the delivery of critical Council infrastructure. tap’s experience includes Network, Treatment and Maintenance in the operation of Councils Water and Sewerage Infrastructure. Additionally, tap’s strong Project Management capability is utilised delivering a range of infrastructure including oversight on the recently constructed East Nogoa Water Treatment Plant ($33 Million).

Key Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining and operating Council’s Water & Sewerage infrastructure to meet both Council and regulatory guidelines
  • Provide leadership, management & supervision to water and sewerage reticulation staff
  • Assist in the formulation and management of water and sewerage budgets
  • Meet regulatory compliance and Legislative / SWIM reporting requirements
  • Administering a $33 Million Water Treatment Plant contract.
  • Provide engineering advice and technical support for asset renewal projects.
  • Develop projects plans such as scope of work programs & risk management plans.
  • Financial Management of project costs including accurate forecasting, monitoring & monthly reporting during design and construction phases.
  • Managing tendering processes including assembly of tender documents, tender clarifications, through to tender assessment and contract award.
  • Finalization of project costs in business case format.
  • Contractor Management – Manage safety, relationships, schedule, cost & deliverables to ensure successful project completion.


tap has successfully managed multiple smaller projects as well as larger projects of strategic importance including various material handling, water, pumping, and general infrastructure projects in the most challenging of Brow Field situations. tap has effectively completed numerous infrastructure challenges working underground as well as in smelters & concentrators and refineries.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Project Managing the design, supply, installation and commissioning of a new FAVCO Crane for Mount Isa Mines Copper Smelter, whilst keeping the Smelter operational. (Project value $5M)
  • Project managed the L72-Services drop project, supplying Power, Process Water & Compressed Air supply to George Fisher Mine.
  • Front End Loading and evaluation on a new pumping reticulation system-based underground on 17 Level (1000 meters underground). (Project value $20M)
  • Site Engineering services and oversight for an Oxygen Plant Construction Project.
  • Derived a functional working spec for the George Fisher Mine dewatering system. This project proved critical for strategic development and has since been published internationally.
  • Project managed, tendered, constructed and commissioning of a new conveyor system for the Paste Fill Plant – Mont Isa Mines
  • Project Supervision Services for dismantling of a conveyor system at Mt Todd Mine in the Northern Territory.

Local GovernmentLocal Government

tap’s deep engagement with Local Government extends to numerous Councils. Our scope of involvement is broad and encompasses the following:

  • Financial management CAPEX & OPEX – Formulation of three-year budget prioritisation for infrastructure, water, sewage & emergency services.
  • Front End Loading – Options identification, options analyses, concept selection, concept engineering, business case preparation
  • Engineering design management (Rolleston Transfer Station Project)
  • Preparation of briefs and tender documents
  • Preparation and finalisation of project management plans
  • Project management through front end and construction phases
  • Superintendency and contract management - AS4000 / AS2124
  • Safety management
  • Project risk management
  • Grants and funding applications to State and Federal Governments - RDA, Regional Growth Fund, QTRIP
  • Undertaking of Infrastructure inspections
  • Portfolio management
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